Insetta under cabinet lighting


Insetta makes other lights pale in comparison.

  • Stunningly even edge-to-edge glow
  • NO shadow – NO glare – NO spotty patches on the counter
  • Perfectly sleek look: mounts under cabinet with no visible wires
  • Touchplate control for on/off, dim/brighten

“We use it for all our projects”

“There’s no comparison really between LED strips and Insetta. One is old technology, versus a futuristic look, where the whole bottom of the cabinet is evenly lit. It’s a good solution and a good clean look…we use it for all our projects.” Scott Noble – Noble Brothers

“A no-brainer once you see it”

“Really sharp-looking…it’s kind of a no-brainer once you see it. There’s no glare off the countertop. It’s a different type of light, you don’t see a bunch of dots…I have not seen anything like it.” Mike Jadreau, Designer at J&S Kitchen and Bath

Enjoy gleaming countertops and shadow free spaces.

Easily upgrade your kitchen or office with beautiful and effective lighting. Simply mount the sleek panel to the underside of any cabinet or display case.

The following may be required for a successful installation:

  • Insetta light per cabinet for cabinets less than 30″ wide, 2 lights for cabinets 33″ wide and greater. See Chart.
  • 1 power supply per installation, up to 12 feet of Insetta per circuit.
  • Remote switch adds the ability to turn all the lights on or off at once.
  • Extension cords give the option to move the power supply to more convenient location, or to jump over a break in the lighting, like a stove hood or a window.

If you are not sure what you need, please contact us!