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How To measure your kitchen

Our Measuring Guide is easy to use (yes, it really is easy) and helps collect the basic information to help you and your designer start your design. This does not have
to be a work of art but just a clear and accurate drawing of your space. If you want to use the attached graph paper, that’s great. If not, then all we need is your drawing. We’re here to help — please call 787-233-8454 with any questions.

Step 1: Your Kitchen Shape

  • Draw your kitchen as a box showing all the walls that you think will have cabinets. Be sure to include any major structural features or obstacles.

Step 2: Draw It Out

  • Mark and Measure any openings such as windows and doorways. Be sure to include any obstacles that affect where cabinets can be installed. Now, label all the openings in your kitchen. In this sketch we’ll use areas “A” through “I”. Record these letters as a key on your sketch.

Step 3: Measure

  • Now it’s time to get out the tape measure. Measure all the openings, from outside edge to outside edge, and fill in the key. If you’re uncomfortable with precise measurements feel free to round to the nearest inch. Remember this is just to get started, your designer will confirm details later.

How to Send Us Your Kitchen Measurements

  • The easiest way to send your kitchen measurements is to scan your drawing or take a picture and save it to your desktop, tablet or phone and then email it to our Design Team. It’s also helpful for your designer to see photos of your current kitchen